Photo by Eva Soltes

Photo by Eva Soltes

Graduation with Dr. Lad

The Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico

I studied with and completed Dr. Vasant Lad's two-year Ayurvedic Practitioner program. Dr. Lad taught me, most lovingly, and by example, to listen to the concerns of another with compassion.

To really listen is a healing art, for when a person feels heard, often for the first time in their quest for inner balance, a visible shift towards wellness happens.

Sharing Ayurveda is a natural evolution of my helping others. I have offered ceramics and watercolor classes for 3 decades, and the common comment I heard in the studio has always been, “This class is therapy for me.” The satisfaction that I receive as a teacher is when I see people relax and slide into their true creative self.

Who I am is Ayurveda, and that is what I make available to others.

I would love to support your time in Joshua Tree with loving restorative attention to the details of your life that need care and nurturing as we enter into fall.

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