My initial intake with Anahita was so informative it blew me away. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help living a healthier, more balanced life.
— -Larry Safady

Anahita will show you how to feel and look vibrant.

In your initial consultation you will:

Learn to live in harmony with your unique constitution. During your informative diet and lifestyle consultation, Anahita uses the classical examination methods of Ayurveda to discover the root causes of your specific imbalances-the first step back to regaining your sense of well-being.

Ayurveda in a nutshell: To remove the cause is to remove the effect. For example, if sun gives you sunburn, get into the shade. With Anahita’s kind guidance, uncover the dietary and lifestyle factors of your imbalances. Come away from the consultation empowered with recommendations designed to bring a sense of well-being and vitality to your unique life.

A follow-up visit, included as part of the initial consultation, is an important part of the process towards well-being. For those who live outside of the Joshua Tree area, this can be done over the phone.

Please fill out the questionnaire below. Use the questions to begin the process of reflecting upon your daily routine.

Optimal rejuvenation treatments

  • Marma Rebalancing therapy via vital anatomical pressure points

  • Shirodhara Warm herbal oil treatment to the forehead for tranquility

  • Pranayama Breath techniques to balance body, mind and soul

  • Basti Localized pool of warm oil relieves discomfort of nervous/muscular aches and pains

  • Netra Basti Organic ghee treatment for the eyes-restorative and relaxing

  • Meditation Stress reduction through guided imagery

Each choice we make is one step at a time

In the 10 plus years that I have been looking for help with a diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease, I finally found a practitioner that wasn’t so concerned with the label or the disease. Anahita looked deeper in the root of the issues. She spent a considerable amount of time listening and learning about me. She worked hard to help me and clearly went beyond what I would have expected for the price of the consultations. Rarely have I encountered a practitioner who was so present and such a loving heart. Her presence is immediately therapeutic and her passion for what she does facilitates the healing process.
— Kathleen Allen