A profoundly relaxing treatment in which a continuous stream of warm medicated Ayurvedic Oil is poured over the head and forehead. Nourishes the scalp, face and hair, strengthening the sensory organs and deeply soothes the nervous system.

I was so pleased to discover Anahita on a road trip through Joshua Tree. She has a lovely caring approach and her Shirodhara was excellent and very relaxing. I recommend her highly.
— Stephen Kirk, London, UK

The continuous flow pacifies the subtle aspects of the three doshas, especially Vata. Promotes relaxation, tranquility, and improves clarity, comprehension, and sleep.  When done in a series, it can help with mental imbalances. Shirodhara strengthens sensory organs, reduces stress and has a profound effect upon the consciousness. Received laying down, flowing from a copper vessel. The oil is captured in a shallow copper tray placed under the head.

$70 for 45 minutes

I have fond memories of the warm oil on my forehead, as if it was a dreamy dream.
— Elise


Marma sessions bring immediate relaxation and tranquility. A marma is a vital energy point on the surface of the body, located at anatomical sites above the organs and where veins, arteries, tendons, bones or joints intersect, These marmāni points are used to soothe and pacify the body and mind, targeting specific imbalances.

$65 for 1 hour session